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What a beautiful pair these two make. Liz is such a lovely, caring and friendly person and we could instantly tell it had rubbed off on her 2 yo 40kg Rottweiler Chilli. Unless you’re walking in to her backyard Chilli just wants to play, say hello and be the best of friends with every man, woman and dog. Unfortunately, this is also what got them in to trouble! Chilli had such high value in other people and animals that unfortunately one day she ran across the road to see one her ‘friends’ and she forgot all about Liz who was attached to the other end of the leash. Liz literally got dragged across a road and ended up with scrapes, scratches, a busted nose and broken ribs. When making Liz and Chilli’s program we made sure it consisted of a lot of engagement work, obedience and learning that the most important relationship for both of them was with who on the other end of the leash.