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Meeko, now a 2yo GSD had suffered with severe reactivity and aggression issues towards other dogs, cats, motorbikes, cyclists, the list goes on. Before Meeko was 12 months old Kay was struggling to walk her and scared at every turn that there would be something that would set Meeko off. Kay was trying her very best but Meeko’s reactivity was only getting worse and worse. However, being determined and persevering to find a training system that suited both of their needs, Kay gave us a call. After an Initial Consult which included a full behavioural assessment we were pretty sure we had Meeko sussed out. Applying one of tailored Behavioural Modification Programs where we worked on engagement, obedience, foundation skills and consequence Meeko was learning how to make great behavioural decisions and how to look to Kay for direction. We taught Kay how to become a great leader and advocate for Meeko, learning to say ‘no’ and set her expectations. Now, nearly 12 months on, Kay and Meeko are still turning up every week to our group classes and we love seeing them and their achievements every time.