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For some dog owners they feel that this is as good as it gets. That they’ve tried so many options, they’ve sought assistance and advice and still they’re lost. This is Glenda’s story. Glenda and her rescue dog Rosie were happy and settled at home. Thinking she had dealt with Rosie’s anxiety issues Glenda decided it was time to add another rescue to her family, enter Harley. Harley brought with him a whirlwind of vibrance and energy as all young dogs do. Unfortunately, when out on walks Harley would lunge, pull and bark, and this in turn re activated Rosie’s anxiety and she also began to act out on walks and at home. As Rosie would begin to anxiously wine and pull on the lead Harley could not keep his emotions in check, and he had started to re direct (bite) on to Rosie and a fight would ensue. Not a pleasant walk for anyone. Now with the proper guidance, structure and accountability both dogs are making great decisions and walks and home life have returned to a happy event.